College Football 2012 Week 4 Preview: Cheerleader Edition [PHOTOS]

While last week’s Alabama vs. Arkansas game didn’t really end up in the exciting fashion that everyone was hoping, it is comforting to know that weird pig lady will probably now stop making creepy music videos. It’s also good to know that we’re in for another great week of college football games. Personally we’re the most excited for Arizona at Oregon, but for reasons that are different than the actual football itself. In our professional opinion, thcose two teams might have the two hottest cheerleading squads in Division I Football. How will the ladies affect the actual games? We’ll just have to wait and see. [Lead TCU Image Via Facebook / Matthew Visinsky]


BYU at (24) Boise State

(12:00 PM EST | ESPN)

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Maryland at (8) West Virginia

(12:00 PM EST | FX)

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Virginia at (17) TCU

(12:00 PM EST | ESPN)

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UAB at (16) Ohio State

(12:00 PM EST | Big Ten Network)

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Kentucky at (14) Florida

(3:00 PM EST | SEC Network)

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Idaho State at (25) Nebraska 

(3:30 PM EST | Big Ten Network)

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Eastern Michigan at (21) Michigan State

(3:30 PM EST | Big Ten Network)

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Mizzou at (7) South Carolina

(3:30 PM | CBS)

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Oregon State at (19) UCLA

(3:30 PM EST | ABC/ESPN 2)

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Florida Atlantic at (1) Alabama

(5:00 PM EST)

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Cal at (13) USC

(4:30 PM EST)

[polldaddy poll=6549566]

(20) Louisville at FIU

(7:00 PM EST)

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South Alabama at (23) Mississippi State

(7:00 PM EST)

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(2) LSU at Auburn

(7:00 PM EST)

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(18) Michigan at (11) Notre Dame

(7:30 PM EST)

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Vanderbilt at (5) Georgia

(7:45 PM EST | ESPN2)

[polldaddy poll=6549581]

(15) Kansas State at (6) Oklahoma

(7:30 PM EST | FOX)

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(10) Clemson at (4) Florida State

(8:00 PM EST | ABC)

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(22) Arizona at (3) Oregon

(10:30 PM EST | ESPN)

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