Sensation USA Lineup Finally Released With Hints of Another DJ Appearance


After a long wait involving guesswork and even more rumors, Sensation has finally announced who will be performing in their Innerspace show at the Barclay’s Center this October 26th/27th. Considering that the Saturday date’s tickets sold out without any knowledge as to who would be DJ’ing, it’s fair to say that America has shown that we’re more than ready to finally host a Sensation show on our shores. In a YouTube video posted to the group’s Facebook page, Sensation announced that the show would feature Mr. White, Joris Voorn, 2000 and One, Nic Fanciulli, Danny Tenaglia, Mark Knight, and Fedde Le Grande. The announcement sparks the release of six webisodes that will be released leading up to the event.

Things get a little suspicious once you dig a little deeper though. In direct message to their Twitter followers, Sensation wrote that “we cannot reveal the remaining Djs but we are including a group that is doing ‘one last tour.'” Peep the photo below. Are they talking about the Swedish House Mafia?

Update 9/20: We were wrong. We blame Big Green Beats. No Swedish House Mafia. Honestly, that’s for the best. Sensation White is more about the experience than the DJs and while we’re stoked to see everyone on the list, having a group like the SHM wouldn’t be appropriate.

Image via Big Green Beats Facebook

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