What Should Go Down After You Both Go Down On Each Other? [HE SAID/SHE SAID]

Proper etiquette after oral sex is one of the most confusing things ever. Some people don’t really mind the aftertaste whereas others will stop in the heat of the moment to brush their teeth and rinse with some mouthwash. Which way is right and wrong? That’s up to you. But there is definitely a way to test the waters to know what your partner prefers. [mouthwash image via Shutterstock]

Here’s what we suggest after going doing down on her for the first time: test the waters. The key tactic here is to be smooth. After you’re finished giving her multiple orgasms like the boss we know you are, slowly make your way up her body lightly kissing every step of the way. She’ll think you’re being romantic, but you’re just trying to get her love juice off your lips. Stop when you’re at her chin. Then sort of make a slight lean in as if you’re going to kiss. See how she reacts. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised–haven’t met a girl yet who isn’t willing to give you at least a peck for a job well done.

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Things get a little more complicated when it comes to what happens after she’s finished with you. The choice is yours but I would suggest not being a b*tch about the whole thing. If the girl you’re with is going down on your man parts and swallowing like a champ, the least you can do is give her a kiss for a job well done. Now, I don’t mean you should have a full on make out sesh with tongue and all, but a nice romantic kiss would be nice. Once it’s gone, it’s gone and you can’t really taste much afterwards–trust me.

I realize that might have been a hard truth to swallow, so let me know what you think in the comments section below!


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