The 12 Sexiest MLB Cheerleading Squads [PHOTOS]


Here’s our list of our favorite MLB cheerleading squads. Oh, you didn’t know that even Major League Baseball teams had dancers? Well then come on in, you’re in for some really educashunal learning. The photos you’ll find here are Bud Selig’s acknowledgement that baseball can potentially be a pretty boring spectator sport. But throw in a lot of beer, some bench-clearing brawls, and some cute girls making your seventh inning stretch and you’ve got yourself “America’s Pastime.”  In all seriousness, the girls below are a home run. Check ’em out.

Arizona Diamondbacks Rally-Backs

Atlanta Braves Tomahawk Team

Cincinnati Reds Rally Pack

Detroit Tigers DTE Energy Squad

Kansas City Royals KCrew

Milwaukee Brewers Diamond Dancers

Philadelphia Phillies Ball Girls

San Diego Padres Pad Squad

St. Louis Cardinals Team Fredbird

Tampa Rays Ray Team

Texas Rangers Six Shooters

Washington Nationals Nat Pack

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