The Beautiful Girls of The Nike US Open of Surfing 2012

Besides beach volleyball, there are few sports more “summer” than surfing. The girls, the weather, the beach, they all bring back such good memories. The good news for you all is that this weekend NBC is airing The Nike US Open of Surfing that happened last month so you don’t have to go around looking so glum that the season is over. A lot of our readers might be unaware of the high level of competition that goes down at an event like this but that’s why we’re here to educate you.

Laura Enever

Born to Surf In: Sydney, Australia | Age: 20

Australian gal Laura Enever learned to surf on a beach surrounded by some legendary older guys–and they soon had her wiping out the male and female competition. She’s already been a Junior World Champion, and she’s growing up to be an even bigger talent. She credits her ability to treat the surf like a dance partner–and Laura’s getting closer to her dream of dancing like Beyonce!  [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Mailia Manuel

Born to Surf In: Wailua, Hawaii | Age: 19

She grew up on the islands, and Malia Manuel was already a female U.S. Open Champion before she was 15 years old. That’s given her a lot of time to shake up the surf world with a unique mix of classic style and boogie-board abandon. Malia’s also proud that she’s rocking a hot look that’s 100% Hawaiian.  [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Lakey Peterson

Born to Surf In: Santa Barbera, CA | Age: 17

Spoiler alert: Lakey Peterson won the Women’s 2012 Nike US Open of Surfing and hasn’t even turned old enough. That doesn’t mean watching the rookie won’t be enjoyable though. Having surfed competitively since the age of 11, Lakey has been raking in the awards–although obviously none of them compare to trophy she won last month. [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Paige Hareb

Born to Surf In: Oakura Beach, New Zealand | Age: 22

Paige Hareb has been in the public eye for some time ever since she became the first Kiwi to ever qualify for the ASP Women’s World Tour. This is now her official fourth year on the pro tour circuit. Clearly she’s come a long way since she was first taught to surf by her father on Oakura Beach. [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Coco Ho

Born to Surf In: Oahu, Hawaii | Age: 21

Coco Ho started off with a bad reputation on the Hawaiian surf circuit. She basically performed a surfing foul on an Australian champ to help out a fellow Hawaiian. That was even more embarrassing for Coco as the daughter of legendary surf champ Michael Ho. But this petite gal recovered nicely, and she’s currently considered the hottest champ out of Hawaii in about 30 years–and her surfing isn’t bad, either. [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Tyler Wright

Born to Surf In: Lennox Head, New South Wales, Australia | Age: 18

It makes total sense that Tyler Wright won the 2011 ASP Women’s Rookie of the Year award when you take into consideration that her older brother Owen is one of the world’s best barrel-runners. Now she’s making her own footprints in women’s surfing lore when she became the youngest female to ever win an ASP World Tour event at the age of 14.

Sally Fitzgibbons

Born to Surf In: Nowra, New South Wales, Australia  | Age: 21

Sally Fitzgibbons looks like a supermodel, but she’s won over the surf world with some superhuman speed. This Australian gal had a legendary run as a young surfer, and still found time for track and field while also scoring as a soccer star. Sally was briefly sidelined with some injuries as she hit adulthood, but she’s come back strong–and looking gorgeous as ever!  [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Sarah Mason

Born to Surf In: Tugun, Queensland, Australia  | Age: 17

Sarah might be only 17 but she certainly knows how to market herself–chicks already got a Twitter, Facebook, that she set up all herself. Oh yeah, she’s also a pretty good surfer. Make sure to keep an eye on this young star. [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Courtney Conlogue

Born to Surf In: Santa Ana, California  | Age: 20

Courtney is a sophomore in the ASP World Championship Tour but there’s yet to be any noticeable slump. Even before she qualified for the ASP, Courtney has succeeded at the highest levels going so far as to win the 2009 US Open. [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Sage Erickson

Born to Surf In: Ojai, California | Age: 21

She started out as a California girl, but Sage Erickson moved to Oahu, Hawaii as a young gal–and found an abandoned surfboard that changed her life. She’s an eight-time winner of the NSSA Western Championships, but sponsors mainly love Sage for her bubbly personality–and she’s got a bod that brings in the guys! [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

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