Jamie-Lynn Sigler [See Her Tonight on GUYS WITH KIDS]

Jamie-Lynn Sigler on Guys With Kids

(8 pm EST, NBC)

It feels like tonight is the third time that NBC has shown the premiere episode of the new Guys With Kids sitcom. That’s okay, though. It’s taken a few times for us to accept that Jamie-Lynn Sigler is now old enough to play a MILF. It seems like only yesterday that we were watching The Sopranos and trying to figure if we’d risk our lives by dating a mobster’s daughter. The answer (in the case of Jamie-Lynn) was always, “Hell, yeah.” We’re daring like that. Jamie-Lynn’s career didn’t really take off after The Sopranos went off the air. HBO came to her rescue by bringing her back to the network as a regular on Entourage. We’re still big fans, and happy to see Sigler showing up in our living rooms. Now let’s enjoy a look back at when Jamie-Lynn was worth getting fitted for some cement shoes…   [image via: fanpop]

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