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Andrew Dice Clay and Dirty Nursery Rhymes [CLASSIC COMEDY OF THE DAY]


It’s crazy to think that the Diceman was once a really controversial comedian. In his early days, his act consisted of going on stage and reciting dirty nursery rhymes. “Hickory dickory dock, some chick was suckin my c*ck. The clock struck two, I dropped my goo, I dumped the b*tch on the next block, bada bing!” Yeah, pretty sophisticated stuff; but the common man loved it. Andrew Dice Clay was one of the first comedians to sell out arenas. (And tanked his career by starring in the huge movie flop, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.)

Here’s a classic clip of the Diceman on Rodney Dangerfield’s 1987 Young Comedian Special.  Have some fun and recite the dirty nursery rhymes along with Dice:

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