[20 PICS] Kate Middleton Topless Photos in French Magazine Closer


Just as the news about Prince Harry’s naked romp in Las Vegas started to leave people’s minds, the French gossip-rag Closer chose to publish topless photos of Kate Middleton on Friday, September 14th. She’s shown sunbathing topless while vacationing in France with Prince William. Yeah, it seems like the Royal Family is a lot more fun than we give them credit for. Whether it’s in Kate’s family’s genes or just the nature of being in the public eye, they have a penchant for showing up naked.

First it was her sister Pippa partying topless on a boat, then we learned that her distant cousin Katrina Darling is a burlesque dancer. The white whale, though, was always going to be the Duchess of Cambridge and it looks like the wait was well worth it! Check out the photos below.

Click here to see the uncensored NSFW photos

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