Should We Be Happy When Girls Fake Their Orgasms? [HE SAID / SHE SAID]

When the girl you’re banging, whether she’s a long term girlfriend or just a one night stand, lets out one of those shrieks while convulsing and scratching your back, you know you’ve done your job. But, I’ve sometimes wondered if there’s room to call some bullsh*t on her orgasm. But then again, it’s fairly simple – as long as you’re f*cking her right – to tell whether or not she’s climaxed. Anything short of that is just her admitting to herself that she wants the miserable lay to be over. [lead image via Shutterstock]

Personally, I think girls faking orgasms is one of the most ridiculous things someone can do during sex. If you’ve implicitly agreed to sleep with someone, you should be held accountable to telling him or her the truth until you’re not satisfied. This works more for repeated sexual encounters than one night stands, but if you’re really doing something wrong, the girl should probably let you know.

One of the major reasons I think the sex in any type of relationship should be discussed is it’s really, really important. If you’re not having good sex, it’s probably a sign something needs to change (might be about time to bust out the booty lube). Additionally, it’s pretty humiliating to know that you’re not satisfying your woman and that she’d rather let out an obviously fake orgasm than talk to you about it, another sign that something has to change. I think once the awkwardness of bringing up the topic is over with, you can both let each other know of your true feelings and come up with a solution of whatever you both agree on. Maybe play out one of those doctor – patient fantasies, OR the classic professor student, ooooh.

Quiet fist pumps are perfectly acceptable and encouraged celebrations [image via Shutterstock]

After you mix it up a bit, I’m sure you guys will be back to the true, mind blowing orgasms that you’re used to.

[Editor note: Another thing girls should try and remember is that guys understand there might be some times where they don’t think they’re going to c*m. Either they’re too drunk, too tired, or just aren’t that into it. That sucks, but it happens. If you’re still down to get your man off, don’t fake it because you want him to finish faster–that’ll only cause problems in the future. Instead, let him know that it’s just not going to happen and encourage him do his thing. Afterwards, give yourself a pat on the back for being awesome.]


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