The Bruvado Party Pack Might Be The Best $12.99 You Can Spend [BEER + LIQUOR]

If you’re headed to a house party or tailgate anytime soon, might we suggest picking up a Bruvado Party Pack. Before you get turned off by the idea of a package that contains only 5 beers, in this case, less is more. That spot normally reserved for a sixth beer bottle has been replaced… by a bottle of liquor! Boo-ya. Not only does the Party Pack equip you with five shots of liquor and five Mexican lagers, it only costs $13. That’s chump change considering responsible ruckus you can get yourself into with just one of these bad boys. We were lucky enough to have Bruvado Imports join us in sponsoring our CMG Booze Cruise this past summer and as anyone who joined us can tell you, it’s good stuff.

What separates Bruvado from the rest of the pack is that they’re an import company, meaning they can sell both beer and liquor. This matters to you because while you have the option to buy their products (bourbon, tequila, lager, and soon sake) separately, you can also purchase them in a combo pack. For $12.99. Yes, they are the first company to ever do anything like this; yes, that makes them awesome. Check out the Party Pack combinations below and make sure to keep an eye out for the Sake Bombs that are coming soon! Bruvado would like to remind you to drink responsibly.

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