The 10 Most Dangerous Women on the Web 2012 [PHOTOS]

McAfee has once again released a list of the most dangerous women on the web for 2012. While the names on the list might actually surprise you initially, it’s important that you realize the likes of Megan Fox and Sophia Vergara won’t actually kill you–instead they’ll only give you a virus. Or Malware. That’s right, the list that was released is a “Who’s Who” of hotties that hackers and spammers like to bait their targets with. But before you breathe a sigh of relief, take a moment to realize how often you look at photos of Emma Watson, Cameron Diaz, etc.

Yeah, there’s more than enough reason to be concerned. Your friends at COED have done you the favor of gatherin the sexiest photos of these women so that you don’t have to put your computer’s health on the line. So check out the list of the most dangerous women on the web below. BTW, can we just agree that it’s a total mindf*ck that Lindsay Lohan isn’t on this list? I would’ve thought that even mentioning her name online would invite all sorts of information thieves and viruses into your harddrive.

#10 Sofia Vergara

#9 Salma Hayak

#8 Cameron Diaz

#7 Shakira

#6 Megan Fox

#5 Halle Berry

#4 Selena Gomez

#3 Eva Mendes

#2 Jessica Biel

#1 Emma Watson

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