Colossal Cleavage Collection: NFL Cheerleaders Edition 2012


Why certain NFL teams refuse to have cheerleaders is a mystery to us. It’s one thing to talk about “keeping the game pure,” “maintaining a legacy,” etc. but it’s not like the ladies are distracting the players or anything. The fans? Yes, they distract us. But we don’t mind. Can teams like the Giants and the Steelers really expect us to feign interest in all the huddles and timeouts without something pretty to look at? And in terms of revenue, don’t even get me started. A businessman can’t tell me with a straight face that these Dolphins cheerleaders won’t be raking in more dough than their ticket revenue this year.

The only¬†good news from all of this is that since you’ve made it through my annual rant, you get a reward. Behold, some cheerleaders we’d like to behold’in.

COED Writer