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Yes, This Perfectly Timed Taylor Swift Trucking Moment Happened [58 PHOTOS]


Sometimes there are some things that happen on the open road that are just too good not to pass up. This photo is a perfect example of those moments. I can’t exactly say that I’ve heard of laws prohibiting snapping pics while driving, amirite? That being said, I’d be somewhat careful staying behind these two trucks. There are bound to be 16-year-old female drivers following them for as long as possible. Personally, my favorite photos today are the ones that aren’t coincidence–the ones that were intentional. Like the guy who taped a fish to his chest and feeds it Carling Lager. That guy’s a boss. Or how about the dude who shaved Batman into his chest? He deserves some recognition too. Check out the rest of today’s WTF photos in the gallery below.

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