College Football 2012 Week 2 Preview: Cheerleader Edition [PHOTOS]


So last week was kind of a doozie in that zero ranked teams gotten beaten by their opponents. All you have to do is look at teams like Savannah State to see why–all the stronger programs play weak opponents to get their teams rolling. Speaking of Savannah State, their game at Florida State might be highlight match-up to watch this week. Sure, they’re predicted to lose by over 70 points but that makes them the largest underdog in College Football History. Aren’t the underdogs what college football is all about?

Actually, don’t answer that. College football cheerleaders are another reason to care about the sport. So whether your’e trying to find the best games or just look at some hot college cheerleaders, you’re sure to find whatever you want below. If you’re more of an NFL dude, this might be more to your liking.

East Carolina at (9) South Carolina

( September 8th | 12:21 PM ET | SEC Network)

Ball State at (12) Clemson

(September 8th | 12:30 PM ET | ACC Network)

Austin Peay at (13) Virgina Tech

(September 8th | 1:30 PM ET)

Missouri State at (23) Louisville

(September 8th | 3:30 PM ET)

Air Force at (19) Michigan

(September 8th | 3:30 PM ET | ABC/ESPN 2)

Syracuse at (2) USC 

(September 8th | 3:30 PM ET | ABC/ESPN 2)

Central Michigan at (11) Michigan State

(September 8th | 3:30 PM ET | ESPN U)

Texas A&M at (24) Florida

(September 8th | 3:30 PM ET | ESPN)

Purdue at (22) Notre Dame

(September 8th | 3:30 PM ET | NBC)

W Kentucky at (1) Alabama

(September 8th | 3:39 PM ET | SEC Network)

Oregon State at (13) Wisconsin

(September 8th | 3:39 PM ET | FX)

Savannah State at (6) Florida State

(September 8th | 6:00 PM ET)

Fresno State at (4) Oregon

(September 8th | 6:30 PM ET | PAC-12 Network)

Florida A&M at (5) Oklahoma

(September 8th | 7:00 PM ET)

Grambling State at (20) TCU

(September 8th | 7:00 PM ET)

UL – Monroe at (8) Arkansas

(September 8th | 7:00 PM ET)

Washington at (3) LSU

(September 8th | 8:00 PM ET | LSU)

UCLA at (16) Nebraska

(September 8th | 7:30 PM ET | Fox)

Missouri at (7) Georgia

(September 8th | 7:45 PM ET | ESPN 2)

New Mexico at (17) Texas

(September 8th | 8:00 PM ET | Longhorn Network)

Arizona at (18) Oklahoma State

(September 8th | 10:30 PM ET | PAC-12 Network)

Duke at (25) Stanford

(September 8th | 10:30 PM ET)

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