The Lowdown On Relationship Labels And Whether Or Not They Matter [HE SAID / SHE SAID]

So you’ve met a new girl. Congrats. The problem is that now you’re heavily into the “friends with benefits” mode but your friends are starting to view you two as a couple. Are you really a couple though? Does it really matter? Depending on the girl, the stage in your life, and your wants/needs, the answer might unfortunately be “yes.” But before you start bugging out, let’s discuss the three reasons why you should avoid a label (besides the fact that you’re a dude).

1. Your personalities are blatantly incompatible. She’s more of a clinger and wants to hold hands in public while you basically call her over for a late night booty call and have her out in the morning à la Mike “The Situation”.

2. Now isn’t the right time for you to be in a relationship. It is absolutely essential for you to be completely prepared for a relationship and to really actually want one. If you’re still going about the single life in college, a label probably isn’t right for you.

3. If you’re still trying to play the field, cheaters never prosper. The countless number of guys who are in a relationship who actually believe that they can secretly cheat on their girlfriends and get away with it is absurd. You will get caught and when that day comes you will wish you never attempted to fool her.

Now that we’ve got those out of the way, lets look at why a label might be a good thing for a FWB looking to transition. If you both started off as strictly platonic, but both started to find yourselves developing feelings for each other and wanting to spend more time together (not just in the boom boom room), scarily enough, you might be f*cked (read: actually liking her).

Once the boys start treating you guys as a couple and make those annoying yet true jokes about how you’re always texting her with a smile on your face, you know it might be time to reevaluate the FWB façade. Plus, putting a label on something that already resembles a relationship will probably not change a thing as long as you both don’t have the prepubescent freak out of “OMG! I have a boy/girlfriend”. Be mature, handle with care, but don’t be scared to be with anyone, ever. Men aren’t scared.


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