Marsha Thomason [See Her Tonight on WHITE COLLAR]

Marsha Thomason on White Collar

(9 pm EST, USA)

She started out in a recurring role, so we tend to forget that Marsha Thomason is a regular on White Collar. We also tend to forget she isn’t a movie star. The fault isn’t with this stunning Englishwoman. Marsha’s just been stuck in bad big-screen productions since making the move to Hollywood in 2001. Things seemed promising enough when Marsha showed up as Martin Lawrence’s love interest in that year’s Black Knight. Then things went wrong when Marsha joined up with Eddie Murphy for the Disney World spin-off The Haunted Mansion. That 2004 flop was no Pirates of the Caribbean. Marsha returned to the small screen as a regular on the series Las Vegas, and then enjoyed more high profile success with a long stint on the cult TV show Lost. That was enough to give her a permanent cult audience. Now check out these pics that’ll get you growing a cult of your own…

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