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Summer Glau [See Her Tonight on ALPHAS]


Summer Glau on Alphas

(10 pm EST, Syfy)

We recently read an article about Geek Goddesses that didn’t include Summer Glau. She must’ve been retired into some kind of Hall of Fame. Still, true geeks are thrilled to see Summer showing up in a (hopefully) recurring role on the Syfy drama Alphas. After all, Summer originally shot to fame as the fatal femme River Tam in the 2002 cult sci-fi series Firefly (which got a big-screen shot after its cancellation with 2005’s Serenity). Summer kept her sci-fi scenes going with a turn on The 400, followed by some work as a sexy cyborg in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The genre hijinks kept jumping with a recurring role on Dollhouse, and then a regular role on the doomed superhero series The Cape. All that just made for more quickly-cancelled cultishness. Summer is still a long-running hit with us—and these pics show off a sex symbol for all seasons…

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