Meghan Ory [See Her Tonight on ONCE UPON A TIME]

Meghan Ory on Once Upon A Time

(9 pm EST, ABC)

You know what’s an anagram for Meghan Ory? Mega Horny! And that’s just how we get whenever this gal shows up on the big or small screens. She’s showing up on tonight’s Once Upon A Time, but that’s a rerun from when she had an occasional role. Now we’re in training for when Meghan becomes a series regular with the new season that’s starting soon. Meghan’s used to fantasy, too–and not just our own. Some folks first noticed her in a Keystone Light commercial, but Meghan’s also shown up in TV shows like Vampire High (she was a regular) and Flash Gordon (she was a guest star). Action fans may have seen her kicking ass with Steven Seagal in the action series True Justice. Now we’re revved up to see more Meghan as Red Riding Hood.┬áBut first, check out these pics that are way hotter than we are at making anagrams…

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Miss COED: Carol Menendez [22 PHOTOS]
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