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The DMX / Reading Rainbow Mashup Y’All Illiterate Snitches Didn’t See Coming [VIDEO]


It must be tough for older teachers trying to reach kids when attempting to teach them to read. That’s where DMX comes in. Not only is learning to read “I got blood on hands and there’s no remorse, I got blood on my d*ck ’cause I f*cked a corpse” more enjoyable than “See Spot Run,” when was the last time anyone didn’t do to what DMX asked? If that dude asks you to bark, the only question is how loud. This video is the funniest thing you’ll see all day. Reading won’t be the “same old sh*t” ever again.

Director of Sales and Marketing
Wyatt is a Gettysburg College graduate and NYC native who is flattered that you're interested about reading up on him.