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Meghan Heffern [See Her Tonight on SAVING HOPE]


Meghan Heffern guests on Saving Hope

(9 pm EST, NBC)

We really haven’t been paying much attention to the Canadian-import medical drama Saving Hope. We know it’s about a ghost doctor wandering the halls while in a coma, but that’s about it. We’re tuning in tonight, though, because we figure that doc will have to use his amazing powers to spy on Megan Heffern while she’s changing her clothes in an examination room. We’ve been wanting to examine Meghan ever since she was the most memorable thing about the 2005 remake of The Fog. Then we really got cheering when Meghan showed up in American Pie Presents Beta House. We’ll take all the Canadian imports we can get if it’ll bring on more of this cutie Canuck–and check out these pics to see Meghan bring it on herself…

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