Avril Lavigne’s Sexiest Photos As We Look Back On The Craziest Wedding Decision Ever

Last night it was announced that Avril Lavigne is officially engaged to Chad Kroeger, the lead singer of Nickelback. Apparently they’ve been dating for six months, approximately the same amount of time it’s going to take for us to properly process this news. This is a joke right? Like the Canadians have an April Fool’s Day on August 21st that we just don’t know about. It’s the only possible option that makes any sense.¬†For those of you who have stayed off the internet for the past few years, Nickelback is the same “rock” group that the Detroit Lions invited to perform at half-time, then tried to rescind the invitation after the NFL franchise received a record-number of emails and death threats.

Avril on the other hand remains on everyone’s list for Sexiest Canadian, sexiest female rocker, and was even one of the Most Popular Women in 2010. Her decision points to the fact that she might actually be a little crazy, but you know what? I dig it. Here’s a look at some of her sexiest photos.

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