6 Naughtiest Web Address Mistakes

The web is a big place laced with questionable channels into which one might unsuspectingly slip. One tactic nefarious smut lords employ is the old ‘switcheroo’ in the form of a fake “naughty” URL that is similar to a real web address.

Sometimes, surfers looking for professional sports sites may enter legitimate open back doors that usher them into man-filled game zones granting unfettered access to tight-gripped muscular action. But one slip of the finger and users might plunge into a netherworld of darkness punctuated by muffled, juicy sighs.

Whatever your intention is – whether getting a shot off or getting a hot off – make sure you enter the right web portal. Here are the top 6 innocent sites that could be mistyped, and their very naughty doppelgangers.

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