Vanessa Hudgens Plays Lingerie-Clad Stripper In Sexy New Trailer For THE FROZEN GROUND [VIDEO+PHOTOS]


After watching the new trailer for The Frozen Ground, I’m going to say that Vanessa Hudgens is wasting no time in cashing in on the sexy look we’ve seen in the upcoming Spring Breakers flick. Or, maybe The Frozen Ground is a promotion for Spring Breakers. Either way, the final result–Vanessa in twice as many bikinis–is all that matters.

Vanessa certainly isn’t the first Disney starlet to shed her role as a do-gooder from the Mickey Mouse Club but she might might be the best looking one. Below you’ll find some screen caps from the delicious trailer in addition to the sexy photos of Vanessa, Selena Gomez, and some other bikini-clad ladies from the set of Spring Breakers. If you’re reading this, the actual trailer is above you…

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