Drunken Athletes Behaving Badly [94 PHOTOS]

It might be the NFL’s preseason, but you know that the sports world is slow on news when the biggest story of the day involves Michigan football players smoking weed before their loss to a Division I-AA team in 2007. Athletes have always behaved badly. Whether in the locker room (Ron Artest allegedly drinking Hennessy during halftime), at a bar (any athlete ever), or even at home (Chad Johnson) these guys have always played and partied a little bit harder than the rest of us. The only downside for today’s athletes is that there are now social media sites that thrive on posting their photos.

For your enjoyment, we’ve pulled together the most comprehensive list we can wrap our eyes on of all the athletes that have been caught out on the town. For the purposes of this post, we avoided clubhouse celebrations, sports announcers (Dana Jacobson anyone?), and Mark Cuban. Also, please note that many of the people on our list are repeat offenders. We’ve consciously decided to post only one photo of each athlete… except for Gronk, he gets two. Because his level of “not giving a f*ck” is too much for just one photo.

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