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Comedians on Ghost Tours: Welsh Standup Miles Lloyd


A new feature at the Comedy Vertical: Comedian on Ghost Tours. Right now, the largest collection of comedians in the world are gathered in Edinburgh Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Over 3,000 acts are performing at this art/entertainment extravaganza.

So as a reoccurring feature (but mostly likely only as a one-off), I’m going to take comedians on the legendary Edinburgh Ghost Tour and see if they can make it through the entire spooky evening without getting the living beejeebes scared out of them.

TODAY: Welsh Comedian Miles  Lloyd

To know Miles, is to love him. This Welsh comedian has been taken under the wing by the likes of Tom Green and sound-effect comedian extraordinaire, Michael Winslow. Check out a clip of him where he sings his song, “Slags.”

But the question is: Can comedian Miles Lloyd take on the Edinburgh Ghost Tour?

At night the old buildings and narrow closes of Edinburgh take on a more sinister air. A long history of murder, torture, hangings and plague has left a haunting legacy on the city’s Old Town and ghostly apparitions now walk its streets. The walls of the Underground Vaults have absorbed the memories of those who died there. The tour is not for the faint-hearted.

Will comedian Miles Llyod be scared like a little girl or take it like a man? Let’s find out…

COED Writer