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Tara Holt [See Her Tonight on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER]


Tara Holt guests on How I Met Your Mother

(8 pm EST, CBS)

Tonight’s rerun of How I Met Your Mother is a very special episode—specifically, because it’s the one where Barney spends an entire episode at a strip club wondering if he wants to keep dating a dancer. There are a lot of beautiful babes in this episode. We think a few even got left on the cutting-room floor. But we’re concentrating on the lovely Tara Holt today, and she deserves a lot more attention that she’s gotten in Hollywood. The problem might be that producers think she’s too traditionally beautiful to also have lots of talent. Tara keeps proving them wrong, though, and it’ll be a particularly beautiful day when she starts getting credit as a comic actress. Until then, here are some pics that’ll get you taking Tara very seriously. We’ve also included her kick-ass GoDaddy commercial—and don’t forget to follow her Twitpics, too…

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