Brittany Ishibashi [See Her Tonight on POLITICAL ANIMALS]

Brittany Ishibashi on Political Animals

(10 pm EST, USA)

We thought it was a miniseries, but tonight’s Political Animals is now pushed as a season finale after six whole episodes. That means we’ll probably see another season with Brittany Ishibashi as a gal marrying into a political dynasty. No complaints there. Brittany has had our vote as a real crowdpleaser ever since she showed up on Supernatural as part of a reality-show ghostbusting team. We even followed the exotic California gal to the webseries based on her fictional Ghostfacers show—and then discovered her ass-kicking turn as a femme assassin in 2010’s The Bannen Way. It was a very pleasant surprise to see her showing up on Political Animals as a not-quite-perfect fiancee. (Hint: Don’t waste your money on buying her character a decent meal, because she’s just going to be puking it up in the bathroom later that evening.) Check out some pics—including some from her Esquire shoot—that’ll get you pulling your own lever for this hot babe with a big future…

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