NBA 2K13 Finally Answers The 2012 Olympics Team vs. The Dream Team Question


Once again, the best sports videogame in today’s market comes through with a big announcement–both the 2012 USA Olympic Team and the Dream Team (minus Scottie Pippen) are going to be included in the game. You can thank Jay-Z for that (seriously). Now the only question that remains is who’s going to be ranked higher? I’m sure that they’ll rank Jordan a 99 (and Lebron close behind), but if you don’t know how to properly use a center, you’ll probably want to stick with the 2012 team. Pretty excited to work Assistant BustedCoverage Editor Rob’s a** with some small ball.

It’s great to see all the big names returning to the court but the question on everyone’s mind is the Scottie Pippen situation. As you can see in the official 2k13 photo below, Scottie is noticeably absent from the roster. What gives? Is he also not going to be on the throwback Jordan Bulls roster? No¬†official¬†statement has been made by either 2K or by Scottie, but the whispers around the web say point to the fact that Mr. Pippen is notoriously stingy. Perhaps the number on 2k’s check was too low. At the end of the day, I think it’s safe to say that we’ll never find out.

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Director of Sales and Marketing
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