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An Honest Man’s Opinion On Sending Naked Photos Via Text Messages [He Said / She Said]


This week’s He Said/She Said topic is an especially easy one for me to answer because it involves a subject that guys love: naked photos being sent to their phone. That’s right, I’m giving you ladies advice on how men really feel about those naughty pictures you’re thinking of sending his way. You wanna know my answer? Go for it. Take the photo, light some candles (if it makes you feel more comfortable), and hit send. The golden rule however is that you cannot include your face in the photo. That’s a big no no. [lead image via Shutterstock]

Why’s that? Because you always have to operate under the assumption that A)he’s going to show his friends (which he’s not) and B)his phone and email are going to get hacked (it’s not). In the rare case that these things actually do happen, hey it’s just another naked photo floating around the internet. Sure, you know whose tits those really are but no one else has the slightest clue (except for you and the person you send them to). As long as your face isn’t on the photos, you can deny ’til the cows come home.

Naked photos are a great way to keep a long distance relationship fresh or if you’re just feeling especially frisky. The funny thing is that as much as you ladies despise d*ck pics coming your way, we absolutely love a peek at you whenever we can. Just not to our work email.

If you’re concerned about whether or not your body is fit for his phone, you can always send the pictures to and the professionals there will let you know.


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