Steven Weber and Stupid Questions For Funny People

(NOTE: Derek Kaill is our latest regular contributor. He’s Canadian. We don’t hold that against him.) 

In our hot seat today is Steven Weber, former star of NBC’s award-winning “Wings.” Mr. Weber is a Queens-born actor who has proven himself adept at everything from quirky comedy to flat-out melodrama. (So says Wikipedia – so you know it’s true.)

He’s a good sport to take part in our daily feature: “Stupid Questions for Funny People.” (I ask professional funny people a logic question and they answer it – if really bored! ) Want to start? Let’s roll…


You’re trapped in a locked 25′ by 1.5′ steel cage. You are naked save for an expired library card and a threadbare mitten. Beyond that, all you have is a twelve foot ball of string, some raisins, and a license to drive a motorcycle in Croatia.

Question: How do you escape?

Answer From Steven Weber – Former Star of Wings: By crafting a kite from my own scrotum and using the natural updrafts generated by the burning mitten to gently, silently float between the bars, which were wide enough for me to pass through in the first place.

Here’s  Steven Weber in Matt Oswalt’s Web Series: Puddin’

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