Play Fake Tourist and Get Laid! [Cheap Date Tony]

It’s time to become a helpless tourist in your own city. All you have to do is buy a map and stroll around. (Of course, you won’t be a douche bag tourist and block sidewalks while gazing at the skyline.) By becoming a “fake tourist,” you will you know the etiquette of your city and  be able to show the ladies that you have experience in large urban areas.

What else?

Fake an accent; watch a bunch of Fellini films. Italian is a pretty easy accent to fake. Better yet, come up with some mishmash of French and Russian – and say you’re from Estonia. Ladies love exotic foreigners. The woman of your dreams will be so excited to tell her friends that she slept with a sexy foreigner.

Play the part, and she’ll be rubbing your rod before you can figure out the capital of Estonia is really Tallin.

Total Cost of Adventure: $5

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