24 NFL Preseason WAGs To Watch [PHOTOS]

The preseason games have begun, which is great news for football fans. You should feel sorry for some of the players, though. They have to leave their loved ones behind for long stints on the road—and some of those NFL players have pretty amazing loved ones! You know a few of the supercouples, like Giselle Bundchen and the New England PatriotsTom Brady. Other players are dating (or married to) stunning gals who don’t pose on the covers of magazines. You may not know names like Janelle Winslow or Destiny Newton, but they’re the beauties who inspire some of your favorite players. These football stars are all about the love of the game, but these wives and girlfriends—WAGS, in the sports vernacular—must really be what a home game is all about to these mighty warriors. Check out the happy couples, and the even happier NFL players who have already won big…

How do they compare to the most gorgeous women of golf and golf WAGs?

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