Mila Kunis Turns 29 Years Old! Check Out 29 Hot Pics!


It’s August 14th, and Mila Kunis is turning 29 years old! She’s doing pretty well for herself, too. Nobody was really expecting much of Mila after That ’70s Show ended back in 2006. She was only 14 when the show debuted in 1998, and Mila hadn’t really done anything of note outside the series. The high point was her evil coed stalking William Shatner in American Psycho 2. Mila’s only other big roles had her doing voice work for Robot Chicken and Family Guy. Then she really blossomed once she had that sitcom behind her. Mila seemed like an unlikely choice as a female lead in 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but she managed to steal plenty of scenes. The video game adaptation of Max Payne didn’t work out, but Mila came back kicking ass in The Book of Eli. Then she got artsy (and lesbianic!) in 2010’s Black Swan. That really turned Mila into a movie star, and—with this summer’s Ted already a hit—she has plenty of new films coming to the multiplexes. Also, it looks like she’s finally having a proper adult romance with Kelso. The only way Mila could have a better 29th birthday is if she had 29 pictures of someone who makes us feel like we do while checking out 29 photos of Mila Kunis…

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