Hilarious Mash-Up: Most Times Unzipping Pants In 30 Seconds [WORLD RECORD VIDEO OF THE WEEK]

Last month, we showed you a video of a man setting the official RecordSetter world record for ‘Most Times Unzipping Pants In 30 Seconds’. Since then, the video has exploded on YouTube, transforming thousands of people into zipper-unzipping and re-zipping enthusiasts, leading to many failed and pathetic attempts at breaking the existing world record. Thankfully, however, it led to the creation of the video below.

Check out the hilarious mash-up below of every ‘Most Times Unzipping Pants In 30 Seconds’ world record attempt to date. If you’ve ever unzipped your pants and zipped them back up, this is the video for you. (One quick note of caution to males and transvestites: Be very careful…)


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