Andy Samberg and Comedians on Late Shows [COMEDY TONIGHT]

Andy Samberg starred in the movie, Hot Rod. It’s about a self-proclaimed stuntman who is preparing for the jump of his life. Comedy mayhem ensues. Samberg is making the late night talk show rounds this week – and you can check him out tonight.

Read on to find out who else is being served up in the late night “chuckle laundry basket.” (NOTE: The term “chuckle laundry basket” is a copyrighted phrase. Any unauthorized use will result in a bad rash on your privates.)

Late Show with David Letterman (CBS | 11:35 PM EST)

Sorry. No comedy guests tonight.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC | 12:35 AM EST)

Our apologies. No comedy guests tonight.

Rebel Wilson on Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC |12:05 AM EST)

Did you know Rebel Wilson is actually from Australia? She’s the funny from down under. (Note: I made up that phrase.) Rebel is known for her roles in the television series Pizza and Bogan Pride and the film Bridesmaids. Watch this Aussie rip it up tonight on Kimmel.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS|12:35 AM EST)

Go away. No comedy guests tonight. Read a book.

Andy Samberg on Conan (TBS|10 PM EST)

Andy Samberg recently costarred in the movie, That’s My Boy.¬† The tagline for the flick is: A story of a child…and his son. From that alone, you could tell the movie was going to basically suck. But Samberg has cracked us up over the years. Remember him in, I Love You, Man? He was funny in that, right?

Kelsey Grammer on The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno (NBC|11:35/10:35)

Oh Mr. Grammer; we know you very well. For two decades, Grammer portrayed the psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane on the hit NBC sitcoms Cheers, Wings, and Frasier. (Yes, he appeared on Wings.) He’s gone on to star in numerous forgettable sitcoms since then – but hell; the man is a television institution. Let’s not forget that our man Kelsey is also the voice of Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons. For that alone we will be forever in worship.

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