27 Hilarious Instagram Photos That Could Only Come From Gathering Of The Juggalos

OK, so I realize that my borderline obsession with the Gathering of the Juggalos might make me seem like I’m a closet fan, but I promise, my interest is purely journalistic. They absolutely fascinate me with their clown makeup, obsession for being dirty, and general “not-give-a-f*ckness.” For that reason, I’ve been trying to do as much digging as I could about what happened over the weekend at Cave-In-Rock, IL.

One interesting story I learned about involves a few of the photos you’ll see below. Apparently, the juggalos/juggalettes discovered that one person had stolen goods from one of their “family” member’s tents. Whoops. In an act of vigilante justice, the clowns completely destroyed the accused’s car by smashing it with sledgehammers, proceeding to carry a completely dismantled car to the main stage HALF A MILE AWAY! (No magnets were used in dismantling the car.) So when you see a strangely attractive juggalette carrying a license plate in the photos below, you’ll now know why.

Also, I included a photo of Scarface in clown make-up because I could. He’s the last photo…

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