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This Video Titled “Girl Gets B-Hole Tattoo” Pretty Much Nails The Description [NSFL VIDEO]


And just when I thought today was kind of a loss in terms of exciting stuff, I come across this white whale of a video. It’s new. It’s gross. And it’s in Florida. The clip was filmed by the¬†Broward/Palm Beach New Times¬†during the South Florida Tattoo Festival–an event I need to make sure we’re on the list for next year. The article that goes along with it (here) is somehow almost funnier. (I hope you can understand the gravity of the last sentence). See what I mean below.

As you can see in the video, expo celebrity psychic Jill Dahne claims through her sooth-saying powers that the asshole tat is going to be the next big thing.

So you may want to get a jump on it and get on this trend before all your friends do. So you can be all, “I got an asshole tattoo before it was cool, bro.” (source)

How does this rank in terms of stupid tattoos as compared to Jason Terry’s? I thought he was a brave man to put that Mavericks trophy on his arm but now this f*ckin thing?

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