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Philly D Hosting Shark Week + Behind-The-Scenes Video!


What’s more exciting than Shark Week on the Discovery Channel? Youtube sensation Philly D hosting Shark Week on the Discovery Channel! That’s impressive, too, since Andy Samberg was hosting for Discovery last year. You’d think they’d have pulled in a major star for Shark Week’s 25th Anniversary. Not that Philly D—aka Philip DeFranco—isn’t a star to us. We were just thinking Discovery would get someone like, you know, Samuel Jackson. Anyway, we’ve got no complaints with Philly taking over for Discovery. He’s making it a fun week, too, with lots of sharky social media. Follow those links to keep up with Philly as Shark Week commences—and check out this video of a Philly fan getting footage of our host shooting a Shark Week scene from a few weeks ago…

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