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VietJetAir Serves Up Sexy In-Flight Bikini Dancers [PHOTOS, VIDEO + HOT STEWARDESS TRIBUTE!]


We’re lucky to get served peanuts when we get stuck flying nowadays. But you can book us on a flight to Ho Chi Minh City, because VietJetAir sure knows how to treat their passengers! The airline celebrated their inaugural flight to a coastal resort last Friday by bringing in beauty pageant contestants to don bikinis and  perform a hot dance for their lucky passengers. Sadly, this isn’t going to become a regular thing on VietJetAir. The happy passengers took lots of video and TwitPics, so word eventually got out to the Vietnam Aviation Authority. The people there were not amused. In fact, VietJetAir got hit with a fine of  £600. That’s about $937 in American money. We’re thinking our airlines could cover that kind of fine just by hitting up the passengers. It’s certainly an innovation in in-flight entertainment. Anyway, enjoy these pics (and video!) from the flight—and then you can ogle more flight-worthy femmes with COED’s salute to sexy jet-setting stewardesses!

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