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Sexy Soccer Superfans: USA vs Japan [PHOTOS]


After this week’s earlier victory against Canada, the stage is set for a Women’s World Cup rematch as the United States¬†once again faces off against Japan (Kick-off 2:30 PM EST). If there’s one thing that the two countries export (besides great video games), it’s sexy females. We’re unfortunately going to be stuck at our computers for the whole game, but we’d much rather be out and about hanging with all the ladies playing hookie. If you’re in a similar boat as us, you might want to check out the sexiest girls supporting their respective teams.

*Small note, I really did do my best to only use Japanese girls for the Japan gallery. It’s a little different translating Japanese and then trying to figure out their nationality. I think I did well but I’ve probably made at least one mistake. Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings…*

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