Bar Refaeli Before She Was Famous [100 PHOTOS]

Do you think Bar Refaeli just started out in life as a beloved supermodel? Well, yeah, she did. In fact, the beautiful baby wasn’t even a year old before taking on her first modeling job. Bar then went on to model for some popular clothing lines by the time she was 15 years old. That was just about when she was proclaimed Model of the Year in an Israeli beauty contest. In fact, the only thing that slowed down Bar’s career was that she had to wear braces for a while. If that hadn’t happened, she’d probably already be Queen of the Universe. There’s still such a thing as Bar Refaeli’s sexy early years. After all, she didn’t really hit the international scene until she showed up with Aerosmith in the 2007 Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated. Bar was already in her twenties by then. This means you might have actually missed out on photos of younger Bar modeling some sexy clothes. That’s pretty tragic, but we’re here to get you caught up with Bar way back when she was young and beautiful—as opposed to how she’s young and beautiful now. We’re not really sure how that works. Enjoy the gallery, anyway…

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