Kacey Rohl [See Her Tonight on SUPERNATURAL]

Kacey Rohl on Supernatural

(8 pm EST, The CW)

It’s a double threat on tonight’s rerun of Supernatural. First, there’s the witchy goodness of Rachel Miner showing up in her recurring role. Then there’s the bonus beauty of Kacey Rohl. This Canadian cutie actually had an unfair advantage in landing the role, since her dad has directed several Supernatural episodes. Kacey’s still proven she’s got plenty of talent to succeed on her own. She had already stolen scenes from Amanda Seyfried in 2011’s big-screen Red Riding Hood. Kacey then captured the critic’s attention with her turn on the AMC series The Killing. It’s also been fun seeing Kacey show up in different episodes of the Hub network’s The Haunting Hour. She’s not just a genre star, though. Kacey’s gone wholesome with movies like the horsie epic Flicka: Country Pride. You can enjoy a lot more of her on Twitter, where she’s “Kacey Kadoodles.” That’s as cute and geeky as the gal herself, but here she is seriously hot…

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