Snoop Dogg’s Ten Deepest Thoughts On Love (& Sex)


Well, it’s sure nice that Snoop Dogg has gotten all spiritual and proclaimed himself to be Snoop Lion. It’s a little weirder that he’s also proclaiming himself to be the reincarnation of Bob Marley. Maybe the smart businessman has his eye on Marley’s estate. The important thing is that Snoop Dogg always seemed plenty spiritual to us. There’s no reason for the guy to go reinventing himself as a reggae artist. Snoop Lion is even proclaiming that he’s done with all the evil things that made up most of Snoop Dogg’s raps. We’re going to miss those evil things. Snoop Dogg wasn’t such a bad guy, and we learned a lot about life and love from the guy. Here are a few touching moments from Snoops’ lyrics and interviews. Enjoy these insightful thought—and, you know, let’s still give Snoop Lion a chance…  [image credit: poptower]

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