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Natalia Goncharova-Obmocheva is Russia’s Sexiest Volleyball Player [53 PHOTOS]


Natalia Goncharova is one of the most gorgeous and talented athletes at the 2012 London Olympic Games. So is Natalia Obmochaeva—who happens to be the same person. This stunning Russian beauty made one of her fellow volleyball players very happy by marrying him back in February. That’s when the former Miss Goncharova became Mrs. Obmochaeva. Officially, that’s made her Natalia Goncharova-Obmochaev. She might’ve given up trying to fit that on a scoreboard, though. Natalia has still helped her team score plenty in this year’s Games. She put on a spectacular show in the women’s quarter-finals, and quickly became the favorite player of all kinds of guys watching her compete. Then they had to compete to figure out the best way to find her on the internet—but we’ve got you covered with sensational pics of Natalia by any name! Enjoy the gallery, and check out other hot names amongst our 60 Sexiest Russians of the 2012 Games.

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