Hilarious American Twitter Reactions To Canada’s Allegations Of Match Fixing


In the course of only one interview, female Canadian soccer star Christine Sinclaire went from hero to whiny loser. “We feel like we didn’t lose, we feel like it was taken from us. It’s a shame in a game like that, which is so important, that the ref decided the result before the game started.” Really Christine? You’re blaming the referee for siding with the Americans before the game even started? I would think that the entire world watching the game (minus the US) would have been pulling for America’s Hat to win the game. The last thing we need as a feather in our cap is the Women’s Soccer Gold Medal.

After the press conference, it feels like all of Canada took to Twitter to let Christine (@sincy12) know that the Canadian Women’s Team still had their support. The social media site was flooded by accusations of both US cheating and praise for Christine’s being a female athlete they could celebrate. Apparently all the Canadian mothers failed to hear Sinclaire pass the blame. Thankfully, a few Americans took the time to point it out. Read some of the funniest, meanest comments on Twitter following the game.

For the record, I think Christine played a hell of a game. It’s just a shame that she felt the need to vent in public about her disappointment. Why not talk about how the Canadian goalie can’t jump more than a foot in the air?

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Director of Sales and Marketing
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