Allison McAtee [See Her Tonight on NCIS]

Allison McAttee gets spandtastic on NCIS

(8 pm EST, CBS)

We knew there was something special about Allison McAttee the moment we saw her as the world’s most glamorous biker babe in 2008’s Hell Ride. The film should’ve done better, but Allison was already doing pretty good for herself. It turned out there was a lot of her work to discover. Things got even better when Allison became a lesbian sex symbol as a college professor romancing a student in the 2010 lesbian drama Bloomington. Then she went lesbianic again in 2012’s Just Be Yourself. Allison has continued to build herself a daring career in both film and theater, and she’s easily the most talented former model to be working the boards in New York City. She also graces NCIS with a very special role in tonight’s episode. Allison plays a gal who likes to moonlight as a vigilante named Spandaxia. The outfit’s as good as you’d imagine—but check out these pics that leave very little to the imagination. She’s got a great personality, too, so try following her on Twitter

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