Yvonne Delarosa [See Her Tonight on LONGMIRE]

Yvonne DeLaRosa on Longmire

(10 pm EST, A&E)

It hasn’t gotten the attention of other Sunday cable hits, but Longmire is a pretty good Western justice drama. Plus, they occasionally throw in a sex bomb. Cassidy Freeman is a regular, but you also get gals like Yvonne Delarosa in guest roles. She’s playing an Indian called LittleFox in tonight’s episode, but this lovely Latina (with Cheyenne blood) is clearly a major fox. She’s been working regularly in Hollywood since 2001 as both an actress and writer—which had her  recently suing director Robert Rodriguez for credit for helping create the lead character in his Machete films. If that’s true, then Yvonne is definitely our kind of grindhouse gal. She’s also appealing enough as a classic exotic beauty, as you’ll see for yourself while taking a long look at these pics…

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