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Serena Williams’ Olympic 2012 Golden Slam–Now Check Out Her Slammin’ Bod! [21+ PHOTOS]


We admit that Serena Williams didn’t make this year’s COED list of the Hottest Women of Wimbledon. Maybe we’ve even neglected her amongst our other favorite Olympians—but Serena Williams still keeps proving she’s a real champ. The tennis legend just became even more legendary with her gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. She made it to first place with an incredible run, too, after knocking out the competition in a a Golden Slam. That means she won the most lopsided women’s final in Olympic history—finishing up against the marvelous Maria Sharapova. Now any guy has to admit that Serena has a gold-medal bod, and you can start admiring the  big winner right now…  [image credit: justthefab]

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