Zoie Palmer [See Her Tonight on LOST GIRL]

Zoie Palmer on Lost Girl

(10 pm EST, Syfy)

We’ve saluted the amazing Anna Silk as the star of Lost Girl, and now we’re taking a hard look at Zoie Palmer as her cunning co-star. That’s mostly because Zoie plays the lovely lesbian Lauren Lewis. Her character is hot enough to get the bisexual succubus Bo (that’s Anna) into the sack for some potentially fatal sex. That complicates the plot of this bizarre Canadian show, since Bo is also attracted to manly Detective Dyson—who runs around as a werewolf when he isn’t busy solving crimes. Fans of Lost Girl have quickly claimed their teams. Zoie’s fans tend to refer to her character as “Dr. Hotpants,” and you’ll understand why after checking out this hot gallery of the icy blonde! (You’ll warm up to her more on Twitter.) We’ve got everything from shots of Zoie to video stills of her sexiest scenes. There are also shots of Lauren as a punk rocker in the Canadian show Instant Star, which give you an idea of Zoie’s zexy versatility. Take a look and get ready to end up as another addicted Lost Girl fan…

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