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[23 PHOTOS] Victoria Pendleton The Sexiest Olympic Cyclist Fails To Disappoint After Disqualification


As far as hometown favorites go, Victoria Pendleton just might be one of the most popular women in Great Britain at the moment. It’s not so hard to see why. Yeah, she’s got legs for days and an amazing figure but what separates her from the pack is her equally attractive face. On the road to the 2012 London Olympics, Victoria has lent herself to magazines like FHM, Esquire, and even posing nude in an attempt to draw attention to her sport. While we might not care more for the actual competitive nature of cycling, it’s safe to say that we’ll be watching a much spicier velodrome.

This sexy cyclist helped to set the World Record back in February for the Women’s Team Sprint but was unfortunately disqualified on Thursday for “a takeover infringement.” The good news is that her DQ doesn’t remove her from the Olympics entirely; she’s so good at her “job” that she’s one of the few female cyclists who will compete in every single Track Cycling event.

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